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The ABCs of Money

It is your job, as a financially responsible steward, to use the money in your possession to glorify God. After all, it is His money! The wise and faithful steward refuses to let money rule him. He becomes the ruler and doesn't let greed get in the way. His ultimate passion is for God, not for material things. You can't be an investor if you have nothing to invest. In reading this book, you will see that financial freedom can be achieved, but only if you are willing to Always Be mindful of Christ!

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The ABCs of Money: Always Be mindful of Christ!
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Excerpt from this book:

No more beating around the bush. I've got to mention the dreaded "r" word – responsible. Why is it that no one wants to be responsible anymore? I can tell you why. It's easier to just simply shift the blame of what goes wrong on somebody else. Well, no more. Part of being a good steward is learning responsibility. This means being held accountable for your actions. Stop blaming the creditors because they call your home asking for their money. Who was bold enough to run up a bill that high in the first place? Unless someone has fraudulently used your name without your permission, I'm afraid you have no one but yourself to blame. Be bold enough to admit that you have gone in the wrong direction for too long and you want to do what's right. God wants to help you but He's not going to force Himself on you. You have to make the first step. Don't let pride get in the way. Become responsible, and you will be wonderfully surprised when you learn that God has been waiting on you. He is ready to lead you if you are willing to follow.

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